I suppose that the term " environmentalism " can mean lots of things to lots of people .     thats nice .     to me , environmentalism means saving the environment .     in my opinion , the only way to save the environment is to create a signifigant and sustained decline in the human population .       in other words , people need to stop reproducing .       the human population on earth is going up when it should be going down .      this is a suicide course for my species because once we kill the planet then we to shall perish .    so Im against that .     what needs to happen is that we reduce the human population on earth until we reach a sustainable level .      in my opinion a sustainable level of people on earth would be around three billion or so .      this is a number that future generations will determine .      I hold all these truths to be self evident .       

so , that said , the issue now is to


make sure that all females on earth have reproductive rights .       reproductive rights means that all people on earth have the right to total and free access to all forms of birth control .   



educate people that the best idea for everyone and everything is to not have kids .     when females make this CORRECT choice then they need to be supported in that decision on a social , cultural , legal and financial level .     



this is not a race issue , this is not a class issue , this is not a relgious issue , this is not even a gender issue .    this is a world issue and a human issue .    all humans must stop having kids now .     here in china its a one child policy and that is a good start and the rest of the world must also adopt this policy .   


so , thats my take on environmentalism .    anyone who thinks that the world needs more people is really stupid .     hence , all parents are idiots or they were forced to have kids .     so , we need to help make dumb people smarter and eliminate all people who are opposed to female reproductive rights .    yep , I said eliminate .      Im pretty hard core with this .     maybe , when I say eliminate I just mean , vote out of office .     I will be honest with you , I would like to legally  physically assault anyone who is against female reproductive rights .     Im not a patient man .