hello . my name is charles webster baer of tianjin china . I want to tell you what gig is . gig is many things . gig is global internet government . gig is my web site . . gig is the future of the world media . gig is a social network and news outlet . gig is the world government . gig is how my species , humans , are going to save the environment by peacefully decreasing the population to a sustainable level over the next few centuries .

gig fully supports the international monetary fund ( I M F ) and the united nations ( U N ) . gig will monitor these and other intstitutions in a simple way for all people to understand and participate in and contribute to . gig will monitor all financcial transactions by all governments . this is freedom of speech and transparency . these numbers will obviously be unofficial and speculation . if the IMF and UN were doing their job then gig would not have to do it for them . gig will explain which countries support female reproductive rights and which countries do not . countries that do not are illegitimate governments and gig will help to quickly replace them with legitimate governments . gig supports the IMF and UN but gig feels the need to speed up the process a little bit and allow all people to know whats going on and be part of saving earth now .

gig feels that it is now time for north , south , central america and the carrebian to become one economic commujnity , much like the european union . russia , india and australia would be welcome into this community . gig also feels that its time for asia to become one economic community . gig would like to assist the IMF in making this happen quickly , just like it happened in europe .

gig would also like to assist the UN in bringing total freedom to all people now . the focus here will be on female reproductive rights . this means that all females have the right to total and free access to all forms of birth control . this means that all females have the right to decide for themselves individually if they want to reproduce or not . this means , hopefully , that the majority of females will decide not to have children . this means that the number of people on earth can decline and the environment can have an opportunity to heal itself and thus survive and thus humans can also continue to survive on earth into the next millennium .

what Im really trying to say here is that Im sick of stupid people and Im sick of the lame media and its time for me , and other sane humans , to organize and save the planet why we still have the opportunity to do this . thats what Im really trying to say and it really does feel very good to say that because its true . I created gig in the spring of the year 2000 in portland oregon usa and I have been promoting it ever since . you can also promote gig on line and off line . so go ahead and do that please . thank you very much .

charles webster baer

president , founder and owner of global internet government

tianjin china