history .    its a great story .    

lets start at the begining .      in the begining , there was the universe .     it was an energy plasma .     now , maybe the universe was always there , and maybe it was created .     humans cant yet concieve of the concept of infinity .     anyway , around 15 billion years ago , the universe expanded to a size big enough for humans to conprehend .     we call this the big bang .    as the universe continued to expand it cooled off .     the energy plasma then formed dark matter and dark energy .     as this expanded and cooled off , it formed quantum particles and neutrinos and and bosons and photons .     as this expanded and cooled it formed quarks and leptons .     as this expanded and cooled it formed electrons and protons and neutrons .    as this expanded and cooled it formed hydrogen atoms .     as this expanded and cooled gravity began to act on these hydrogen clouds and pull them together .       

the pressure was so great the fusion and fision occured and stars were born .    stars created all the elements by using gravity to smash the hydrogen together .       gravity pulled the stars together to form galaxies .        as the galaxies were pulled together they formed black holes .       5 billion years ago our sun and earth were formed .      3 billion years ago life was created by accident .      bacteria genes reproduced and mutated and evolved into plants .     plants evolved into fish , then reptiles , then mammals , then monkeys , then humans , then computers , then artificial intelligence , etc .       

in 500 b.c. buddha was born in nepal .    he went south to india and realized that life may be a dream and the universe may be an illusion .      he rapped about this .    buddha rap went east to china where they understood what he was talking about .      his rap went west to the middle east where it was misinterpreted and religions were formed .      religion has been outdated for a long time but unfortunately its still around and its causing lots of problems .      americans created freedom so they could rise above religion and now we are trying to help the rest of the world do this but that does not seem to be working out very well .    

anyway , the new , logical religion is environmentalism .       if humans can stop having babies , then we can continue to exist .   if not , we are all toast .    its really that simple .    so , we will see how this plays out .     make sure your on the right side of this thing .    

now humans have reached an enlightened state to where we can create a civilized and logical world society and culture that protects our rights and the right of the earths environment to exist .        I call this global internet government .      thats a good thing .     however , there is still much to do to make sure that all people recieve and understand this memo .      and thats history .    I left a few things out but thats the cliff notes .    

have a nice day .