every year , on december first , hawaiian time , is the president of earth election .      anyone can vote once for anyone or anything .      early and late votes do not count .     the person or thing that gets the most votes wins .     if a non human wins then the owner of that being or thing is the spokesperson for that being or thing .      there can only be one owner .     the term is the entire calender year , january first to january first .    so there is a month between winning the election and becoming president of earth .    no one can win a fourth term .    the president of earth is a non paid employee of global internet government .     the president of earth promotes global internet government .      the president of earth has no power and can be fired by charles webster baer at any time for any reason .        the president of earth is not allowed to lie or to say anything that can be interpreted as religious .       to vote for the president of earth go to any chat room on and register .     on december first , hawaiian time , log in and post a thread that says on the topic , I vote for blank for president of earth next year .     this is your one and only vote .      

president of earth from 2009 to 2011

charles webster baer 

changshu china

p.o.e. 12

shawn zivontsis , toronto canada

p.o.e. 13

trevor johnson , houston texas

p.o.e. 14

eli kane , miami , florida

p.o.e. 15

dan lin , and li yuan of inner mongolia , china

p.o.e. 16

turbo the dog of north dakota